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The Legacy Society

The Legacy Society honors those people who have told us of their plans to leave a legacy through the Community Foundation in the future. Bequests, charitable trusts and gift annuities, retirement plans, life insurance … all of these options make it possible for you to provide for the organizations and causes that matter to you after you have considered family and friends.

We thank the following people who have informed of us of their legacy intentions. If you are not a member of the Legacy Society but have arranged to establish a fund or add to an existing fund, we hope you will join. Please feel free to call us if we can help you in any way.

Claire & Anthony Alessi

Dr. and Mrs. Jay Allen

Judith & David Anderson

Lois & Glenn Andrews

Anonymous (3)

Bridget Baird

Laura Berry & Bernard Hulin

Jane Lassen-Bobruff & Neal Bobruff

Wayne Boettner

Jane Bredeson

Faith & Rheo Brouillard

Deborah & Robert Burnside

Joan Butler

Laurel Butler & Christopher Daniels

Beth & Garon Camassar

Maura Casey

Charles T. Clark

Anne & Carl Clement

Nancy Costa

Kathleen & Richard Daniele

Sally D’Aquila

Anne B. Davis

Mildred Devine

Mary Doherty

David Dresback

Caroline Driscoll

Bethe & Marcel Dufresne

Maryam Elahi

Josephine & Fred Falkner

Anita Steendam & Harold Fink

Alice Fitzpatrick

Bettye R. Fletcher & James Comer

Michelle Fontaine-Calkins

Graham Gavert

Lois & Robert Geary

Katharine & Richard Gildersleeve

Abigail & Charles Glassenberg

Nancy & Andrew Grant

Janet & James F. Grant

Lorraine Grey

Roger Gross

Deborah & Robert Hendel

Kathleen & Kerry Hertenstein

Nancy Hileman

Muriel Hinkle

Gerald Holland

Judith Hyde

Nancy J. Johnson

Karin Whittemore & Peter Kepple

Carolyn & James Kilroy

Amy Willcox & Del Knight

Mary & John LaMattina

Jean & John Lenard

Pam Akins & Barry Levinson

Denise & Steven Lewis

Kathryn Lord

Rosemary Contin & John Malmros

Jill & Richard Mehlman

Eva & Govind Menon

Laura & Scott Moorehead

Avery & Robert Morgan

Kathleen Moriarty

Terri & James Muren

Nelly & Bernard Murstein

Arthur Nagel

Heidi & John Niblack

Patricia & Paul Nunes

Julie Olson & Neil Orkney

Donna & William Pedace

Evelyn Peyton

Joann Sztyga Pillar

Mary & Richard Place

Barbara & David Preston

Lee & John Pritchard

Dyanne & John Rafal

Elizabeth Anne & Lawrence Reiter

Betty Richards

Carol & Edward Sauers

J Scott

Ann Louise & Michael Shapiro

Elaine & Michael Shapiro

Jane & Peter Shea

June & Robert Sicilian

Barbara & Bruce Skinner

Diane & Stephen Smith

Mary Soriano 

Ellen & Daniel Spring

Donna & C. William Stamm

June D. and Alan W. Strunk

Mr. & Mrs. Martin Sullivan

Lee Ellen & Tom Terry

Ruth Tombari

Barbara Tuneski

Susan & Humphrey Tyler

Alix & Cornelius Van Rees

Sidney & Sandy Van Zandt

Mary Waldron

Caroline & Milton Walters

Walter C. Watson & Charles Sotir

Nancy & G. W. Blunt White II

Cynthia & George Willauer

Carol Williams & Robert Asher

Nissa Simon & J. Melvin Woody

Cathy Zall



The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."

— Nelson Henderson


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