Renew a Multiyear Scholarship

Recipients of multiyear scholarships must renew their awards annually by June 15.

When You’re Due to Renew

Many of the scholarships awarded through our foundation are good for four years; others just for one. If you are the recipient of a multiyear scholarship, you do not need to reapply, but you are responsible for submitting your transcript by June 15 in order to confirm your continued eligibility for the scholarship.

  • Your transcript must confirm you maintained a GPA of a C+ or higher.
  • You must be enrolled full-time in a qualifying educational institution for the upcoming academic year.

Please be aware that we do not send out reminders for confirmation of renewals. Scholarship recipients are responsible for following up to ensure that renewal documentation was received.

Transcripts (and changes of colleges, student ID and address, if applicable) can be sent to Kathy Duggan at or the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut, 68 Federal Street, New London, CT 06320.


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