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For Grantseekers

The Community Foundation works as a “force for good” toward a vision of a healthy, thriving, sustainable Eastern Connecticut. We’re connecting nonprofits in our region to resources by putting philanthropy into action while fulfilling the passions of our donors

In 2015, the Foundation awarded more than $5 million grants to nonprofit organizations and scholarships to area students. But a community foundation is a lot more than just a place to get a grant or scholarship. Believing that one of our functions is to foster a culture of giving, we also advocate for greater philanthropic activity and build awareness of the rewards and joys of local giving and volunteering. Additionally, we provide consultation and encouragement to non-profits, technical assistance, help in structuring a grant proposal, suggestions for collaborative approaches to an issue, convening and facilitation services, links to other funders, etc.

We also provide endowment building and management consultation to non-profits that can help ensure their long-term viability.