Our Board, Staff & Committees

The Community Foundation's Board of Trustees: front row from left, Elsa Nunez, David Schulz, Ulysses B. Hammond, Thomas A. Borner and Secretary Cathy Bokoff; second row, from left, Edwin Higgins III, Theresa Broach, Vice Chairwoman Dyanne Rafal, Anne L. Rash and President and CEO Maryam Elahi; back row from left, John Pritchard, Sandra Yarrow Rueb and Board Chairman Govind K. Menon. Missing from photo is Treasurer Stephen Larcen.

Expertise & Experience

They say an organization is only as good as the people who are involved with it.  We have been blessed with an abundance of Board members, volunteers, professional counsel, and staff who not only possess intelligence and integrity but also, caring hearts and compassion. They are vital to our continued good governance, regional growth and meaningful community impact.

  • Board members are selected for their professional expertise, integrity, sound judgment and knowledge of community issues. They serve without compensation and are appointed to three-year terms (renewable only once) to help ensure a continuous flow of new ideas, as well as promote public accountability.
  • Staff members are selected for their extensive experience and expertise in the nonprofit sector.
  • Committee members, who include both board members as well as other members of the community, are selected for their expertise, integrity, dedication, judgment and understanding of community issues.

The staff at the Community Foundation: front row from left, Vice President & Chief Development Officer Alison Woods, Director of Development Lillian Rhodes and Director of Finance & Operations Janet Grant; back row from left, Office Manager Pam Mola, Program Director Jennifer O'Brien, Systems/Finance Assistant Kathy Duggan, Program Officer Deb Battit, President and CEO Maryam Elahi.

Meet the members of our Board, staff and committees: 

Board of Trustees

Community Foundation Officers: Govind Menon, Cathy Bokoff, Dyanne Rafal and Stephen Larcen.

Cathy Bokoff
Human Resources Consultant
Joined board in 2016

Thomas A. Borner
President & CEO, Putnam Bank
Joined board in 2014

Theresa Broach
Retired from Pfizer, Inc.
Joined board in 2012

Ulysses B. Hammond
Retired, Vice President for Administration, Connecticut College
Joined board in 2016

Edwin Higgins III
Attorney with Bachand, Longo & Higgins
Joined board in 2017

Stephen Larcen
Retired, Senior Vice President, Behavioral Health Network, Hartford HealthCare
Joined board in 2013

Govind K. Menon
Retired VP, Operations & Strategy, Pfizer Inc.
Joined board in 2014

Elsa Núñez
President, Eastern Connecticut State University
Joined board in 2017

John Pritchard
Retired Corporate Litigator
Joined board in 2017

Dyanne Rafal
Vice Chair
Retired Teacher
Joined board in 2012

Anne L. Rash
Retired School Administrator & College Professor
Joined board in 2016

Sandra Yarrow Rueb
Retired Real Estate Professional
Joined board in 2016

David Schulz
Retired, Executive Director, Neurosciences Drug Discovery Group, Pfizer Inc.
Joined board in 2016

Maryam Elahi
President & CEO, Community Foundation of Connecticut
Ex Officio


Office of the President

Maryam Elahi

President & CEO | Read Bio

Development/Donor Services

Alison Woods

Vice President & Chief Development Officer | Read Bio

Lilli Rhodes

Director of Development | Read Bio

Community Impact

Jennifer O’Brien

Program Director | Read Bio

Deb Battit

Program Officer | Read Bio

Finance & Administration

Janet Grant

Director of Finance & Operations | Read Bio

Pam Mola

Office Manager | Read Bio

Kathy Duggan

Systems/Finance Assistant (part-time) | Read Bio


(An asterisk indicates a current board member.)

Executive Committee
Cathy Bokoff*
Ulysses Hammond*
Stephen Larcen*
Govind Menon*
Dyanne Rafal*
Maryam Elahi, Ex Officio

Governance Committee
Ulysses Hammond, Chair*
John LaMattina
Dyanne Rafal*
Anne Rash*
Claire Warren
David Zuckerbraun
Maryam Elahi, Ex Officio

Audit Committee
Theresa Broach, Chair*
Jason Cote
Bill Mencer
Paul Vaida

Development Committee
Dyanne Rafal, Chair*
Cathy Bokoff*
Ed Higgins*
Stephen Larcen*
David Schulz*
Carol Williams

Finance Committee
Stephen Larcen, Chair*
Tom Borner*
Sue Corrice
D'Andre Gooden
Ed Higgins*
Susan K. Jones
Patricia Rodgers-Longo

Investment Committee
John Pritchard, Chair*
Sam Childs
Harry Ferguson
Nicholas Fortson
Martha Gibson

Program Committee
Govind Menon, Co-Chair*
Maryam Elahi, Co-Chair
Bridget Baird
Cathy Bokoff*
Mary Broderick
Kathy Parker
Larry Reiter
David Schulz*

Real Estate Gifts Committee
Dyanne Rafal, Chair*
Brian Carey
Sam Childs
Marc Ginsberg
Stephen Larcen*

Southeastern General/Environmental/Animal Welfare Grants Committee
Kathy Parker
Mary Broderick
John Pritchard*
Larry Reiter
Sandra Rueb*
John Sargent
Linda Sargent
David Schulz*

Norwich Youth Grants Committee
Cathy Bokoff, Co-Chair*
John Duggan, Co-Chair
Jacquie Barbarossa
Greg Boyd
James Chadic
Nick Fortson
Martha Healy
Denise Magario
Jim Sawyer
Charles Seeman
Jerry Smith
Claire Warren

Willimantic Welfare Bureau Fund Grants Committee
Lee Ellen Terry, Chair
Ray Aramini
Fran Bowen
Mary DeMarco
Barbara McGrath
Kim Silcox
Carol Williams

Southeast Scholarship Committee
David Schulz, Chair*
Amy Akiode
Rochelle Duyan
Kerry Garofano

Women & Girls Fund Committee - Northeast
Paige Billings Madur, Co-Chair
Tonya Brock, Co-Chair
Laura Moorehead, Co-Chair
Missy Bonsall
Kathy Borner
Pam Brown
Linda Colangelo
Donna Copeland
Christie Deary
Karyn DiBonaventura
Leia Faucher
Mae Flexer
Donna Grant
Sarah Hamby
Jessica Jellison
Erica Kesselman
Kim Lane
Kathy Naumann
Jill Shamback
Aubrey Waz

Women & Girls Fund Committee - Norwich
Denise Lindell
Theresa Madonna
Maria Miranda

Women & Girls Fund Committee - Southeast
Ruth Crocker, Co-Chair
Valerie Grimm, Co-Chair
Patricia Carey
Sue Corrice
Lynn Cravinho
Jeanette Dostie
Naima Gherbi
Christine Grady
Pam McNulty Hennessey
Barb Holt
Nancy Lathrop
Adrianne Loweth
Jane Moriarty
Barbara Sahagan
Karen Stone
Sandra Rueb*
Jeanne Sigel
June Strunk

Women & Girls Fund Committee - Windham
Starsheemar Byrum
Leigh Duffy
Josephine Fox
Sandy Hale
Marsha Hilsenrad
Leigh Jones-Bamman
June Krisch
Anne Rash*
Kimberly Silcox
Donna Snell
Lee Ellen Terry
Joanne Todd
Mary Weinland
Carol Williams

Trustees Emeriti

Walter V. Baker*

Bridget Baird
Timothy Bates
Jane R. Bredeson
Laurel Butler
Ann den Tex*   
Mary A. Doherty
Anthony Enders
James English
Marcia H. Gardiner   
Marc Ginsberg   
Richard Gipstein
Albert Glassenberg*
Eleanor Harvey*   
Myron Hendel
Chester Kitchings, Jr.   
Lee Kneerim*   
Doris Levinson*   
Rosalind Mallove*
Robert Marrion
Ellen McGuire
Granville Morris
Francis J. Pavetti
Stephen Percy
Constance Pike*
Dyanne Rafal
Laurence P. “Jim” Smith*
William Blunt White
George Willauer
John Zimmerman*



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